Many people like to talk about the quality of life.
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Many people like to talk about the quality of life.

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Many people like to talk about the quality of life. They think that if they spend more money and can afford it, they have the quality of life. Therefore, more and more people throw large money at dinner and clothes, this is desperately squandering money; When we asked him why he did this, his answer was justifiable - "in order to pursue the quality of life! In order to pay attention to the quality of life!"

life? Quality? What do these two things mean? The quality of life is a kind of spirit of seeking good. It is to seek the best style and way under a limited condition. This is the quality of life.

Some people mistakenly think that extravagance, extravagance and waste are the quality of life, and gradually lose the reality of the quality of life. In order to make people lose their judgement on the quality of life, they have to chase after famous brands, and use famous perfume, clothing, leather shoes, and even the houses built by famous architects to affirm the quality of their lives, which is the reason for the spread of famous brands in modern society.

The real quality of life is to return to yourself, clearly measure your abilities and conditions, and pursue the best things and life under these limited conditions. Further, the quality of life is because it has cultivated the spirit of seeking good for a long time, so it has self-confidence and rich heart world; Outside, have sensitive intuition to find the best things in life; Inside, you can live in a humble place and still create a pleasant and diverse spiritual space.

The quality of life is so simple; It comes not from comparing with others, but from the spirit of seeking good personality and style.

At here, we rather be a listener, listen quietly and act as a loyal audience. We have been reflecting on what kind of attitude should life take? Think repeatedly, and finally get a result. "A life suitable for you is the best." ha ha... This should be the truth that everyone knows. It's a little superfluous to say it. In fact, life is very simple. Don't force wealth, just be simple and smooth. In our attitude towards life, we have three maxims want to share with you

One , Respect everyone's way of life.

Two , Be responsible for every choice you make, good or bad.

Three, Everything will become a thing of the past.

Trouble often comes from comparison, at here , the only thing you need to do is follow your heart ,and feel the quality life that proper for you!

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