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Hei , Girl ! Focus On Your Sex Life

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Girl sometimes may feel awkward taking the initiative in sex, why ? 

 Social conditioning: Women are often socialized to be more passive and submissive in sexual situations, while men are encouraged to take the lead. This can create feelings of discomfort or awkwardness when a woman tries to initiate sex or take control.

 Fear of rejection: Women may worry that if they take the initiative in sex, their partner may not respond positively or may even reject them. This fear of rejection can make it difficult for women to feel confident enough to take the lead in sexual situations.

  Lack of confidence: Women may lack confidence in their sexual abilities or feel like they don't know how to initiate sex in a way that feels comfortable or natural for them.

 Gender roles and expectations: In many cultures, there are traditional gender roles and expectations that dictate how men and women should behave in sexual situations. Women may feel pressure to conform to these expectations and may feel uncomfortable or awkward when trying to break free from them.

It's important to remember that everyone has their own unique sexual preferences and comfort levels, and communication and mutual respect are key to creating a positive and enjoyable sexual experience for both partners.

 Don't be shy ,and focus on our sex  life  . 

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