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Edible Gelatin for Baking

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        Gelatin is the hydrolysate of collagen. It is a high protein without fat and cholesterol. It is a natural nutritional food thickener. After eating, it will not make people fat, nor will it cause physical decline. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid with strong emulsifying power. After entering the stomach, it can inhibit the coagulation of milk, soymilk and other proteins caused by gastric acid, thus facilitating food digestion.

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   Edible gelatin is light yellow to yellow fine particles, which should be kept dry, clean, uniform and free of inclusions. This product is a kind of rubber strip, film, powder granule (generally used powder granule glue) formed from the horn material of pig, cow, mule and horse skins (except other animal skins) after impurity removal, disinfection, steaming and boiling to form juice, and then dehydration and manufacturing.


  Gelatin can be dissolved in hot water to form a thermo reversible gel. It has excellent physical properties, such as gel force, affinity, high dispersion, low viscosity, dispersion stability, and water retention. Gelatin is an important food additive, such as gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener and foaming agent, because of its coating, toughness and reversibility. Emulsifier, dispersant, clarifier, etc.

  The protein that makes up gelatin contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 7 of which are necessary for human body. In addition to less than 16% water and inorganic salts, the content of protein in gelatin accounts for more than 82%, which is an ideal protein source. The finished gelatin is colorless or light yellow transparent flakes or particles. Gelatin is insoluble in cold water, but can slowly absorb water, expand and soften. Gelatin can absorb 5-10 times its weight of water. According to different sources, the physical properties of gelatin also vary greatly, among which the pig skin gelatin has better properties, high transparency and strong plasticity.

   The viscosity of gelatin solution determines the film-forming characteristics of gelatin. The viscosity indicates the length of polypeptide chain and the size of molecular weight in gelatin. The longer the polypeptide chain, the more unfavorable it is to form a network structure, and the greater the viscosity. Generally speaking, the high viscosity of gelatin indicates that it has high water absorption, high molecular weight and little damage in the preparation of gelatin.



    Gelatin is a kind of macromolecular hydrophilic colloid, which is a low-calorie health food with high nutritional value, and can be used to make candy additives, frozen food additives, etc. In addition, gelatin is also widely used in medicine and chemical industry.

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