A story about Jewelry
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A story about Jewelry

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A colleague doesn't like to dress up. Usually, she always looks plain and looks up to the sky. She wears simple clothes, works quickly, acts orderly and gives people a refreshing feeling.

On her hand, there was a ring that shook people's eyes. There were close sisters who wanted to take it off for viewing. She said, this is the mother's family tradition. It should be traced back to grandma's time. She had carried it since she was sensible. Now it is difficult to take it off.

I had to watch it together with the jade hand. The ring was stuck in the root of her middle finger. It was dark yellow, but it looked old. Watching it, the warmth and simplicity after time and emotion made her look very noble.

She said that my mother said that a woman should have several pieces of jewelry for aftertaste in her life.

Thinking about this, it contains the experience of years.

A woman's life is not easy. When she was young, she lived for her parents, went to school, lived for her grades, got married, lived for a man, and lived for her children when she had children. If her children had children again, she would continue to contribute. Women regard jewelry as a fine collection of needlework, pass it on to their children, and give all their energy in life. The ring of colleagues has this feeling of sharpening. I think her mother must also pass on the details of her life to her. It is not difficult to imagine that she is also a beautiful woman who writes all her efforts in her hard-working life.

Traditional things have a power that is unmatched by current fashion elements. This power adheres to the corresponding objects and shows the light of life.


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