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80 Bloom Food Grade Gelatin

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Gelatin is a hydrolysate of collagen. It is a fat-free, high-protein, cholesterol-free healthy food. Gelatin is a natural nutrient-based food thickener as well. After eating, it will not make people fat, nor will it lead to physical decline. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid, which has strong emulsifying power. It can inhibit the coagulation caused by the action of stomach acid in milk, soy milk and other proteins after entering the stomach, thus facilitating food digestion.

  • Haoxiang Quality Life

   Haoxiang Quality Life is one of leading manufacturers and exporters that undertake the business of high-quality gelatin for food grade gelatin. 


   Our company boasts the leading advanced technology and complete production line. Working through scientific product structure assures the high quality in gelatin industry.

   Our food grade gelatin production line adopts advanced production processes such as fully enclosed production workshop and effective high temperature sterilization, thus effectively ensuring the quality of the products. We have various degree of jelly strength for different application purposes.


    The gelatin is produced from high quality bovine hides, skins and bones which is rich in amino acids and various proteins. The jelly strength is from 80-240 bloom, and the viscosity can reach 6-15 degrees. Gelatin has excellent and foaming rate, so it is widely used in various food industries such as ice-cream, jelly, sausage, beverage meat products and more.



   *Only top-class raw material used *Super strict quality control system in the factory

   *Customize(OEM) gelatin according to specific application of each client and customized production, pouch packing etc. 

   *Fully certified with Halal, ISO and more

   *Rich exporting experience for more than 15 years, good quality gelatin with great feedback from clients all around the world

   *High credit and responsibility, order of leather skin gelatin was never supported for human purpose due to high heavy metal


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