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120bloom Edible Gelatin for Candy

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Gelatin is not glue used to stick things. It is a substance that can be added to food and medicine. For example, people often eat jelly, and some desserts have its figure. Of course, if you don't make it yourself, you can't know its existence. Many people are guessing what gelatin is after hearing the word. In fact, in addition to being put into food and medicine as mentioned above, gelatin has many other applications. It can be said that it has a wide range of uses.


In people's life, we can see the shadow of gelatin everywhere, but we don't know what it is. So today I will tell you what gelatin is. We should also let you know about gelatin.

Gelatin: water-soluble protein mixture. Collagen in skin, ligament and tendon is partially hydrolyzed by acid or alkali or boiled in water. It is colorless or yellowish transparent crisp or coarse powder. It swells in water at 35~40 ℃ to form gel (water content is 5~10 times of self weight). It is a protein with incomplete nutrition and lacks some essential amino acids, especially tryptophan. It is widely used in food and making adhesives, photosensitive films, filters, etc. Usually used to make jelly and other desserts, it is made of boiled animal bones, skin and tendons. One alternative is agar made from seaweed; Another substitute is made from the roots of kudzu. The agar for sale is generally in the form of noodles, powder and long blocks, and is often gray.

Edible gelatin can be used in medical soft and hard capsules, surgical dressings, hemostatic sponge, meat jelly, food additives, canned goods, candy, ice cream, ham sausage, skin jelly, soda suspension agent, test agent, starch, ice cream and other food industries, in accordance with the national standard GB6783-94.

Medical gelatin is mainly used as raw material for soft and hard capsules and tablet icing.


 Gelatin is more elastic, flexible and transparent than starch and agar, especially when producing soft candy and milk candy with sufficient elasticity and full shape, high-quality gelatin with high gel strength is required.

   In frozen foods, gelatin can be used as a gelling agent. Gelatin jelly has a low melting point, is easily soluble in hot water, and has the characteristics of instant melting at the entrance. It is often used to make food jelly, grain jelly, etc.




  When two different foods are combined together, coating gelatin can inhibit browning reaction.

 Gelatin prevent moisture absorption and rigidity of food. Coating edible gelatin on the surface of powdered and granular sugar can prevent moisture absorption of sugar and prevent caking.

  It also can make the surface of food shiny and improve the quality of food.

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